Staky :
More than a

Staky is a platform that offers you a staking service on Proof-of-Stake crypto-currencies. But Staky's not just a staking as a service. The platform offers various features adapted and imagined with the help of our users.

" Staky is redefining the staking experience by acting on the fundamentals: Governance, Transparency and Clarity "

Patrick F.
PoS investor

Our vision

Empowering our users

Through our governance platform, we give full power to our users over Staky's decisions. Staky users will be able to vote for guide our decisions on network update. The goal of a validator is to represent its delegators. No better way to do so than a decentralized governance!

Real service around the staking

Staky's not just a validator. We offer various services such as a dashboard that allows the user to track all his delegations and rewards. We also offer a telegram bot that alerts the user of each new reward every day and that will keep him updated about latest network governance update or actuality.

Why Staky ?

Why choose Staky as a Staking as a Service ?


Track multiple addresses on the same interface.

Link your ledger addresses directly in your portofolio.

Your dashboard account is 100% anonymous and secure.